Research Institute for Computer and Information Communication

Mission(The aim of foundation)

It is an interdisciplinary research organization in College of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Chungbuk National University (CBNU), and focuses on the science and technology of information communication, computer applications, and electronic systems, RICIC facilitates interdisciplinary affiliates and services for strategic research as a bridge between industries and university. RICIC projects span the area of optical and radio communications, embedded system and robotics, electronic circuit and system design, computer architecture and software applications, and further nano-electronics and green IT. The institute also supports the establishment of research centers with a collaboration of local companies on specialized and demanding technology such as nano-electronics and circuits, hybrid automobiles, u-sensors and components, energy storage and conversion, etc.

Main Activities

  1. Development of Computer and Information Communications
  2. Hold conferences and seminar
  3. Publication of journal(JRICIC)
  4. Development of new technology
  5. Education and training the researchers
  6. Solution of problems and consulting
  7. Collection of information and its distribution