Korea Information Processing Society

Ever since information processing became one of the most important industries in the nation, computing professionals have encountered a growing number of challenges. Along with scholars and colleagues in related fields, they have gathered in avariety of forums and meetings over the last few decades to share their knowledge, experiences and the outcome of their research. These exchanges have led to the founding of the Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS) on January 15, 1993. KIPS was registered as an incorporated association under the Ministry of Information and Communications in Korea. The main purpose of the organization is to improve our society by achieving the highest capability possible in information technology.

The KIPS organization focuses onclose collaboration with industry, academic, and research communities to foster technological innovation, to enhance members'careers, and to promote advanced information- processing industry. Some important activities that KIPS supports are as follows

  • Organizes a variety of conferences, symposiums, and exhibits.
  • Supports research activities that propagate technology and knowledge of information processing.
  • Provides a vital forum for the exchange of information, ideas and discoveries in information-processing technology
  • Defines the standardization of information-processing technology
  • Supports international collaboration and knowledge exchange between academic and industry partners
  • Provides a venue for publications (such as in the proceedings, journals and books) in the area of information processing
  • Supports any other activities that foster the objectives of the association.