National University of Mongolia

That is known as the first comprehensive university in this land of great traditions and long-standing history.

The new millennium demands that we make a more concerted effort to bring our education system to serve better the developmental needs of the country and become a serious growth factor, to enrich our cultural heritage through cross-cultural understanding, and help the society absorb the global technological changes and bring Mongolia’s science and academia to a new achievement level. As a consequence, the NUM attaches great importance to the continued reform of its provisions as it is regarded as the strategic vehicle for supporting the country’s development of human resources able to adapt to the ever-changing social, economic, and technological conditions.

Currently, the NUM is launching a major initiative to strengthen its research capability and quality of curriculum that is to better serve changing needs of the Mongolian society. An important strategic consideration is to improve our collaborative ties with business and academic community. We will make an extra effort to improve our technological capacity reaching out to the most talented. The NUM will emphasize the research in support of the country’s strategic goal of economic growth and well-being of people of Mongolia.

The main objective of the University’s web site is to provide a platform for effective interaction between the NUM and its supporters. It provides an important channel of communication between the NUM and the rest of the world. We hope to continue this dialogue through the Internet to help better communication and understanding of NUM policies and its strategic intentions.