IT Park

NITP is the first technology park which has been conducting many important operations aiming to develop information technology in Mongolia. It strives to develop knowledge based economy by introducing an achievement in the economic and business field and create value in domestic manufacturing, the know-how, and products of intellect.

This is the twelfth year NITP has been operating the IT Incubator in order to help startup companies to grow. In addition, NITP has introduced examination systems to standardize IT engineers’ skills and it has established professional training halls and laboratories to consolidate research and human resource skills.

Furthermore, we aim to develop NITP as a technology park, make the IT field as a leading field in Mongolia, as well as to create a science and technology foundation. The “Mongolian brain (Silicon House)” project has been successfully implemented under the support of the Mongolian Government. The establishment of the favorable technological environment was a huge contribution in the further operation of NITP.

On behalf of all the NITP staff, we consider it our priority to enhance the IT field contribution to develop the Mongolian economy through knowledge.