Deagu University

Daegu University was founded over a half century ago with a spirit of good will and charity toward those isolated from society. This same spirit still radiates through the campus today, fostering a love-thy-neighbor environment that encourages student growth through the practical experiences gained by living in a shared community. Today Daegu University continues to produce capable young men and women with a keen sense of social responsibility and insightful vision toward the future.
Daegu University is rightfully proud of its expansive and beautiful 1,000-acre campus and 500-acre Muncheonji Lake and is now recognized as a university with ideals and dreams that surpass even its stunning physical beauty. Furthermore, Daegu University has a reputation for providing a substantial academic environment that makes possible the realization of students' ideals and dreams.   
Developing the unlimited potential of students' hopes and dreams for a better future; that is rightly the source of pride and power at Daegu University. In just 50 years since its foundation Daegu University has achieved remarkable development and is now vigorously pursuing new beginnings to shape its 100-year history and to become a noble and respected institute of higher learning.

In order to cultivate highly-qualified specialists and experts in relevant practical fields, Daegu University concentrates on providing an education that meets the needs of the professional community. In doing so, Daegu University graduates become competent human resources with practical specialized skills and knowledge as well as problem solving skills, communication abilities, and the power to act. To cope with the era of globalization, Daegu University administers various international programs including its dual-degree program, overseas sister-school on-the-spot semester program (7+1), overseas study opportunities for the 500 highest-scoring students on the College Entrance Exam, and more. In addition, with its current international student body of 572 students, and by increasing up to 1,000 international students by 2020, Daegu University will serve as a role model for the internationalized campuses of the future. 

As the landscape of university education undergoes rapid change, Daegu University looks at this change as an opportunity, and as such, will confirm its identity as a global university as well as an education-centered university. In addition, Daegu University will exemplify the new model of 21st-century regional university development. Daegu University will develop high-quality students to serve as the pillars of society; raise social awareness and foster sound judgement; and nurture philanthropy. These ideals are the goal of Daegu University for the development of human resources as an educational community. 

Daegu University's power comes from its students' unlimited potential and desire to shape the future.