Society of Convergence and Integrated Research

SCIR has been established in August 2016 in Bangkok for the promotion of interdisciplinary research over IT, BT and other convergence and integrated research. As growing interest in the related research area, the importance of cooperation with different area is more emphasized. Convergence and Integrated technology provide to e-solutions for human care, autonomous processing in industrial factory, system optimization with help of soft engineering, and other related fields.

SCIR has clear objective to promote academic event and provide professional support researchers by way of their knowledge publication and release. Furthermore, with arranging link between researchers and professional experts, SCIR assist integration technology. Furthermore, with international connection, SCIR provide optimal solution to industrial needs.

In order to boost SCIR activity, we provide regular/irregular professional events by way of conference invitation and academic journal launching. With our society network, SCIR also co-organize academic event such as international conference with cooperation partners.

Society of Convergence and Integrated Research (SCIR) is a registered as non-profit scholarly society with the aim to promote activities in convergence research. SCIR promotes academic activities to facilitate the exchange of researchers’ ideas, in particular those of convergence and cross-disciplinary in nature. We welcome academics and industry practitioners, as well as researchers who are interested in such activities to join us. SCIR aspire to be the association for engineering professionals in the fields of computer science, electronic engineering and technology, information processing and related arts and science for accomplishing convergence of technology.

The founding aims & objectives of the society are:

  • To promote scientific and educational activities towards the synthesis of theory and practice of convergence technology including electronics and electrical Engineering, computer science, data and systems science, information technology for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.
  • To bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, scholars and practitioners in the areas of engineering and technology, and provides a forum for the dissemination of original research results, novel ideas, research and development work, practical experiments, which focus on both theories and practices, for the benefit of common man.