Yeungname University

A university that fosters talents to revive the nation

Yeungnam University has fostered talents that contribute to the nation’s development based on a foundational philosophy to “create a new history to revive our nation based on a patriotic spirit” for the past 69 years. As such, our university has taken its place as “the best university south of the Han River.” We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities and roles, and devote ourselves to become a university that fosters talents that lead the new era.

A university that prepares for tomorrow

Based on an optimal education environment, we foster “Y type talents” that are unique to Yeungnam University and who lead the era. Furthermore, we are achieving excellent research results with a group of superior professors and the best research environment. Yeungnam University, which is not complacent with today’s achievements, will spare no investments and support for tomorrow. We will become a university that generates bigger value by changing and reinforcing ourselves to lead education and research for the future of humanity.

A university that soars with the spirit and vigor of the flying horse (Chunma)

Yeungnam University is acknowledged by the country, preferred by companies and sought after by the world. The honor and fame of our university will become stronger and greater going forward. Based on the strength of our talents, which are as powerful as Pegasus, we aim to overcome the status quo and endlessly challenge ourselves to become a university that adds new value to our name.