Ling Wang

Ling Wang

Affiliation:      Department of computer science and technology, school of information engineering, Northeast Dianli University, China.

Tel:      0086-13620752266


Title: Wind Energy Prediction System: a Review of Key Technologies


Wind energy is abundant and clean renewable source of energy. Due to the stochastic nature of the wind flows, wind energy is not a controllable energy resource that can be scheduled and planned in the same manner as conventional fossil energies. Therefore, reliable wind power prediction systems are required for managing the energy production from wind based sources upon the demand. In this article, we give a brief review on the composition of our proposed the energy management system and detailed review on wind power prediction technologies. There are three main components in our proposed system: wind power integration prediction technologies, 3D digital smart grid automatic construction platform and real-time energy monitoring platform.

Short Bio

Ling Wang is currently an associate professor in the department of computer science and Technology, Northeast Dianli University,China. She received the Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Chungbuk National University, Korea, in 2013.  Her research interests are mainly in the areas of data mining, sensor networks, smart city, smart grid and new renewable energy. She is a number of IEEE,CCF and CSEE.