Zhao Yang Qu

Zhao Yang Qu

Affiliation: Professor, Department of Information Engineering of Northeast Dianli University, China


Title: Knowledge-based Processing Technologies and applications for Smart Grid


Today, with the increasing demand for electricity and the expanding scale of the power grid, Smart Grid modernizes power grid by integrating digital and information technologies. The knowledge-based technologies and applications play an important role for smart grid. The principal purpose of them is to connect power sources with appropriate sinks when considering the input parameters of power balance and consumption size. To this aim, the process requires massive data processing and complex and NP-hard problem solutions.

Short Bio

Dr. Zhao Yang Qu is a Full Professor of the Department of Information Engineering of Northeast Dianli University, jilin China (NEDU). Prof. Qu is the member of special committee of Electric Power Communication in Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE), the director of network branch in China Computer Federation (CCF), the executive director of Jilin Institute of Electrical Engineering. His research interests include computer network technology, electric power informatization and virtual reality technology. He has completed more than 40 national, provincial and ministry projects about the energy efficiency evaluation of smart grid and research of visual model. Specifically, including 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects.