Nipon Theera-Umpon

Nipon Theera-Umpon

Affiliation:      Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Chiang Mai University

Director, Biomedical Engineering Center, Chiang Mai University

Tel:      (+66)-5394-4140


Breast Abnormality Detection in Mammograms Using Fuzzy Inference Systems


Breast cancer is an important deleterious disease. Mortality rate from this cancer is effectively high and rapidly increasing. The detection at the earlier state can help to reduce the mortality rate. In this talk, a few systems that help radiologists to detect microcalcification in mammograms are introduced. In particular, we utilize a type-1 Mamdani inference system with four features, i.e., B-descriptor, D-descriptor, average intensity inside boundary, and intensity difference between inside and outside boundary in microcalcification detection system. In mass detection with Mamdani inference system, there are 3 features used, i.e., intensity of the center, average intensity and maxmin average intensity. We found that both systems yield good results. We further apply the interval type-2 fuzzy logic system with same four features to detect microcalcification and compare the results with that from a type-1 Mamdani fuzzy inference system. The results from the interval type-2 fuzzy logic system are better than the type-1 fuzzy logic system. 

Short Bio

Nipon Theera-Umpon received his B.Eng. (Hons.) degree from Chiang Mai University, M.S. degree from the University of Southern California, and Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, all in Electrical Engineering. His has been with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Chiang Mai University since 1993. He had been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Missouri Columbia (2000-20001) and Kagawa University, Japan (2004). He has served as Editor, Associate Editor, Peer Reviewer, General Chair, Technical Chair and Committee Member of several journals and conferences. He served as Associate Dean of Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University from 2005-2009 and as the Chairman for Graduate Study in Electrical Engineering from 2004-2007. He is presently serving as the Director of Biomedical Engineering Center, and the Chairman for Graduate Study in Biomedical Engineering, Chiang Mai University. He is a member of Thai Robotics Society, Biomedical Engineering Society of Thailand, Council of Engineers in Thailand. He has served as Vice President of the Thai Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Dr. Theera-Umpon is a senior member of the IEEE. His research interests include Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Medical Signal and Image Processing.