Goutam Chakraborty

Goutam Chakraborty

Affiliation: Department of Software & Information Science

Iwate Prefectural University

Iwate Ken, Takizawa, Japan 020-0193

Tel: +81-19-694-2584

E-mail: goutam@iwate-pu.ac.jp 

Reflex Delay and Its Estimation by Analyzing Brain Waves

Human brain receive varieties of stimuli, and process them to necessary information important to survive a situation. Such stimuli originate  inside the body as well as from the environment outside. Sources of  stimuli from within the body are due to learning, decision, and from  memory. Stimuli from the environment are images received by the eye, audio signal received in the ear, haptic perception etc. However, there is time lag between occurrence of external event and the recognition in the brain. This time lag is called the reaction delay time or reflex. Decreased reflexes indicate a peripheral nervous system problem. This response delay time increases with aging, disease and accidents. Mostly, this delay does not critically affect daily life. However, for actions like driving a car, long delay is dangerous. We conjecture that it is possible to measure the reflex delay time by analyzing the Electroencephalogram~(EEG) data. We propose a system to determine the delay in the reflex time by detecting changes in the EEG signal. General acceptance is that, this change occurs at around 300 miliseconds, after the occurrence of a visual stimuli. In this talk I will elaborate the procedure to measure this delay, and show how it varies from person to person.  

Short Bio

Goutam Chakraborty is a Professor and Head of the Intelligent Informatics Laboratory, Department of the Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University, Takizawa, Japan. His main research interests are soft computing algorithms and their applications to solve pattern recognition, prediction, scheduling and optimization problems including applications in wired and wireless networking problems.