FITAT2009/DBMI 2009 Program
22(Thu) October 2009



9:00 ~ 10:00Registration


10:00 ~ 10:10Opening

Room 105

10:10 ~ 12:00
FITAT(section 1)

Detecting Atrial-ventricular blocks Arrhythmia based on
RR-intervals on ECG Signals
Makki Akasha Babikier, Ibrahim Musa Ishag,Mohammed Izzeldin,
Dong Gyu Lee, Gyoyong shon, Keun Ho Ryu

Generalization models for privacy preserving data publishing:
A brief survey
Anour F.A. Dafa-Alla , Kyung Ho Lee, jaedu Chung

A Location Privacy Control Protocol forLocation-based Services
Pyoung Woo Yang, Hae Chun Jeong, Tae Seok Ha, Kwang Woo Nam

Gene Selection Using Spectral Clustering
Gouchol Pok, Guangri Quan

A Modified SL-Mine Algorithm Approach to Frequent Itemsets Mining
Supatra Sahaphong, Keun Ho Ryu

Reconstructing Historical Range Queryusing Proxy for Sensor Network
Yang Koo Lee, Jungpil Shin

12:00 ~ 13:30


Eunhasu Restaurant

13:30 ~ 14:30

Keynote Ⅰ(“Toward Successful Enterprise Architecture”, Yeong-Tae Song)

Room 105

14:30 ~ 16:30
FITAT(section 2)

IP2Location-based technique for limiting background knowledge
in privacy preservation
Anour F.A. Dafa-Alla, , Eun-Jong Cha ,Wun-Jae Kim

An Efficient Technique for Classifying Protein Data
Khalid E.K.Saeed, Lie MeiJing, Minghao Piao

An Automated Dyslipid Disease Prediction Methodology Using
Carotid Arterial Feature Vectors
Heon Gyu Lee

Integrative tools for part-of-speech tagged corpus
Amarsanaa Ganbold, Purev Jaimai

Intelligent Search Engine for Complex Clinical Queries from
heterogeneous data sources
Gubeom Jeong,Yeong-Tae Song

Design of Energy Efficient U-Health System Based on Context Awareness
Jae-in Kim, Dae-young Han, Bu-hyun Hwang

16:30 ~ 17:00

Break Time

Room 102

17:00 ~ 18:00

Tutorial (The Methods to Predict Biological Functions and Meanings
in Structural Biology
, Kwang Su Jung)

Room 105

18:00 ~ 20:30


Room 102


FITAT2009/DBMI 2009 Program
23(Fri) October 2009



10:30 ~ 12:00

Deigning the Protein Surface ComparingSystem using Triangulation
Kwang Su Jung, Nam Hee Yu, Yong Je Chung

Room 102

Feature Selection using T-test based on Discrete Wavelet Transform for
Gene Expression Data
Ho Sun Shon, Mi Sug Gu1, Ji Eun Mi, Jea Du Chung

Evaluation of Multimedia Streaming Frameworks
Yanjindulam Dajsuren, Mark van den Brand

GeoVideoML : A GeoVideo Annotation Language
Jang-Yoo Park, Yong Hee Jeong, Kwang Woo Nam

Graphical representation and implementation of program control flow
BATNYAM Battulga and GAN-ENKH Osorshuu

Query in XML Database
TAMIR Chuluunbaatar, PUREV Jaamai

An analogue interface for liquid crystal screen
Bolormaa Dalanbayar, Baigalmaa Nyamaa

Hardware and Software platform for Real-Time Processing and Visualization of
Automatic Ultrasonic Signal Evaluation in NPP
Hyun-ju Yoo, Hyung-nam Kim, Sung-nam Choi

10:30 ~ 12:00
DBMI(Section 1)

Interactive Kanji Learning System in a Classroom
Junichi Sato, Yusuke Shimizu, Jungpil Shin


Clustering Techniques for Streaming Time Series Data
Ibrahim Musa Ishag Musa, Gyeong Min Yi and Dong Gyu Lee


Detecting Cardiac arrhythmia Using Remote Sensor Networks:
Technologies Methods And problems
Mohammed Izzeldin, Dong Gyu Lee? and Gyoyong Shon


12:00 ~ 14:00


Eunhasu Restaurant

14:00 ~ 15:00

Keynote Ⅱ (“Biclique Subgraphs and Applications in Bioinformatics and Finance”, Jinyan Li)

Room 105

15:00 ~ 15:30

Break time

15:00 ~ 16:30

Color Image Segmentation Using Region Growing Algorithm
Tetsuya Takanashi, Jungpil Shin

Room 102

Object Detection using Histogram of Oriented Gradients
Masahiro Terayama, Jungpil Shin, Won-Du Chang

Simulating Oriental Brush Character Considered with Brush Ahead Rotation
Ryota Saito, Jungpil Shin

Action Select Reinforcement Learning Model based on Fuzzy Reasoning
Bong Keun Lee, Sang Jo Youk, Choong Shik Park, Jae Hong Kim, and Jea Du Chung

A New Approach of Embedding Watermark Information intoa Perceptually Important Region
Kyung Joo Cheoi

Prediction of interaction sites based on 3D surface patches using a machine learning approach
Sung Hee Park, Bjorn Hansen1, Sangsoo Kim

Development of Electric Power Load Analysis System using Customer
Meter Reading Data based on KnowledgeDiscovery in Databases
Jin-Ho Shin




FITAT2009/DBMI 2009 Program
23(Fri) October 2009

15:30 ~ 17:00
DBMI(Section 2)

Biologically Motivated Detection of Traffic Sign Area
Kyung Joo Cheoi

Room 105

Combined string matching algorithm to compute similarity between RNA secondary structure with simple H-type pseudo knots
Oyun-Erdene Namsrai, Garmaa Dangaasuren,and Keun Ho Ryu

Weight based pattern mining: basic principles
Unil Yun, HyunIl Shin, Gwang Bum Pyun, Keun Ho Ryu

17:00 ~ 20:00

Formal Committee Meeting

Ramada Hotel



24(Sat) October 2009




10:00 ~ 11:00

Group discussion and closing
- Topic 1: data mining techniques with novel applications

Room 105

11:00 ~ 12:00

Group discussion and closing
- Topic 2: Knowledge evolution process