How do you reach Cheongju city from Inchon International Airport?
Take the 9D exit at 1st floor in Inchon International Airport and then take the bus to Cheongju.
(please click here to get information for reaching the Cheongju city from Inchon International Airport. )

From Cheongjoo bus station to Inchon International Airport?
First bus: 04: 30
Last bus: 18: 30
Interval: 30 minutes
Price: 1,9600 Korea Won
Travel Time: 160 ~ 180 minutes

From Cheongjoo Cross-Country Bus Terminal to Chungbuk National University?
The distance between Cheongjoo Cross-country bus terminal and Chungbuk National University is about 3.04 Km and we recommend that you take taxi. It will take 7 minutes by taxi and it costs approximately 3000~5000 Korea Won. Please see the following maps.