The distance between the Chiang Mai airport and The Empress hotel is only 5.8 KM. There are multiple options that you can reach your distance by. The first option is to travel in the famous Thailand tuk tuk (pron. took took). Many visitors to Thailand are familiar with these from their trips to Bangkok. Riding a tuk tuk is the quintessential Thai experience, and although you are at the mercy of breathing car fumes, these small vehicles are very effective at beating the traffic. Fares are usually 40-50 baht for a short hop and 50-100 baht for longer distances, depending on the proficiency of your bargaining.

Chiang Mai has metered taxis, though it can be difficult to persuade the driver to switch the meter on. If you do prevail, the flag fall is 30 baht for the first 2 km, then 10-15 baht/km after that. Otherwise you will have resort to bargaining a fare. You cannot generally hail taxis in the street. To book a taxi try: Chiang Mai Airport Taxi, ☎+66 53 201307 or +66 53 922128. Despite their name, Chiang Mai Taxi will take you anywhere. Good, honest outfit. Call, state your destination and the call centre will give you a quote.

The location of FITAT/ISPM 2014 Conference is The Empress hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand