FITAT/DBMI 2011 Program

11 May - 13 May, 2011

This is the technical program for FITAT/DBMI 2011. The total time allotted to each speaker is 15 minutes. You should plan to speak for 12 minutes and leave 3 minutes for questions. When preparing your posters please note that your poster should not exceed the following dimensions: 930(mm) high by 730(mm) wide.

Schedule of FITAT/DBMI 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

09:20~18:00     Local Tour

Thursday, May 12, 2011

08:40~16:50     FITAT Oral Presentations

10:00~16:50     Industrial Exhibition

Friday, May 13, 2011

09:40~15:30     DBMI Oral Presentations

09:30~10:30     FITAT Interactive Presentation

11:00~12:00     FITAT Interactive Presentation

13:30~14:30     DBMI Interactive Presentation

The following is detail Program of the FITAT/DBMI2011:


Wednesday, May 11, 2011 
Local Tour: 09:20 ~ 18:00

09:20 ~ 10:20Leave Cheongju city for Daejeon cityHakyeonsan main gate
10:40 ~ 11:30Visiting ETRIETRI
11:30 ~ 13:00LunchETRI
13:00 ~ 14:00Leave ETRI for CheongnamdaeETRI
14:00 ~ 17:00Visiting CheongnamdaeCheongnamdae
17:00 ~ 18:00Leave Cheongnamdae for Cheongju cityCheongnamdae
18:00 ~ 19:30DinnerCheongju city

Thursday, May 12, 2011

FITAT Oral Presentations: 08:40 ~ 16:50

08:40 ~ 09:40Registration

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

09:40 ~ 10:30Opening and Keynote Session 1

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Oyun-Erdene Namsrai (National University of Mongolia)  

Analysis of Gene-expression Data-Complexities, Solutions and Pending Issues (40 min)

  Goutam Chakraborty (Iwate Prefectural University)

10:30 ~ 11:00Coffee Break
11:00 ~ 12:00FITAT Research Session 1

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Unil Yun (Chungbuk National University)  

The Accessibility of Web Browser-Based Game: a Comparison (15 min)

  Heungmo Ryang, Unil Yun, Hyeonil Shin, Gwang Bum Pyun, Keun Ho Ryu  

An Implementation of network virtualization (15 min)

  D. Battulga, B.Oyunomin, N.Ugtakhbayar and Sh.Sodbileg  

Significant Diagnostic Rules Mining for Prediction of Arrhythmia (15 min)

  Minghao Piao, Gouchol Pok  

WS-QOS Framework integration with CoBit and ITIL to Measurement Web Services  
(15 min)

  Pattama Charuenporn , Sarun Intagosum

11:00 ~ 12:00FITAT Research Session 2

Location: Room 205

Session Chair: Anour F.A.Dafa-Alla (Africa City of Technology)  

Design of Content Addressable Memory for Asynchronous Cache (15 min)

  Jigjidsuren Battogtokh, Bold Zagd  

Mining Access Patterns Using Temporal Interval Relational Rules from Web Logs (15 min)

  Xiuming Yu, Meijing Li, Hyeongsoo Kim  

A Review of Discriminative Pattern-based Classification (15 min)

  Kwang Deuk Kim, Cheng Hao Jin  

A Distributed Energy and Density Efficient clustering algorithm for WSNs (15 min)

  Ning Sun, Young-bok Cho, Sang-ho Lee

12:00 ~ 13:30Lunch

Location: Eunhasu Restaurant

13:30 ~ 14:50FITAT Keynote Session 2

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Keon Myung Lee (Chungbuk National University)  

Personalized Tumor Engineering Research Center: Present and future (40 min)

  Wun-Jae Kim(Chungbuk National University)  

A Data-driven, Systems Biology Approach for Exploring the Role of Epigenetics in Human Cancer (40 min)

  Sun Kim (Indiana University)

14:50 ~ 15:20Coffee Break
15:20 ~ 16:50FITAT Research Session 3

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Hoang Do Thanh Tung (Vietnam Institute of Information Technology)  

Discovery of Association Rules with High Confidence from Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry (15 min)

  Dong Gyu Lee and Jungpil Shin  

Numerical simulations of ballistic silicon nanowire field-effect transistor (15 min)

  Munkhbaatar Nyam-Osor, Bolormaa Dalanbayar  

Relational Data Model based on Digital Map 2.0 (15 min)

  Xun Li, Chung Park, Myoung Jin Park, Ki Surk Park, Jong Yun Lee  

Crucial ECG Parameters for Precise Atrial Fibrillation Revealing (15 min)

  Mohamed Ezzeldin A. Bashir, Dong Gyu Lee, Minghao Piao, Ho Sun Shon, Keun Ho Ryu  

A Novel Approach for Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure Classes (15 min)

  Meijing Li, Peipei Li, Keun Ho Ryu  

Marginalization of Unreliable Information in Visual Reliability for Robust Audio-visual Speaker Identification (15 min)

  Md. Tariquzzaman, Kim Jin Young, Myeong Soo Choi, Seong Ro Lee

18:00 ~ 20:00Banquet

Location: Ramada Hotel

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Industrial Exhibition: 10:00 ~ 16:50

10:00 ~ 16:50Location: 1st Floor Lobby

Session Chair: Yang Koo Lee (Chungbuk National University)  

ATEC Co., Ltd.,   

NEOFOS Co., Ltd.,   





Friday, May 13, 2011

DBMI Oral Presentations: 09:40 ~ 15:30

08:40 ~ 09:40Registration

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

09:40 ~ 10:40Opening and Invited Paper Session 1

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Gouchol Pok (Yanbian University of Science and Technology)  

Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web Databases (30 min)

  Weifeng SU, JEONG Seon Phil, Jiying Wang, Fred Lochovsky  

Model of DB Transforming Tool for online Applications (30 min)

  Nguyen Hoang Ha, Le Huu Nghi, Hoang Do Thanh Tung

10:40 ~ 11:10Coffee Break
11:10 ~ 11:55Research Session 1

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Vu Thi Hong Nhan (Vietnam National University)  

Identification of Hot Spots in Proteins Combining Small-world Network Characteristics and Solvent Accessibility (15 min)

  Peipei Li, Gouchol Pok, Meijing Li  

Most suitable java web framework for computing curricula (15 min)

  Batnyam Battulga, Naranchimeg Bold  

Semantic Tag Recommendation for Precedence Image Indexing (15 min)

  Tie Hua Zhou and Ling Wang

11:10 ~ 11:55Research Session 2

Location: Room 205

Session Chair: Seon Phil Jeong (BNU-HKBU United International College)  

A Worm Detection System using Hybrid Feature Extraction (15 min)

  Usukhbayar.B, Erdenetsogt.N, Nyamjav.J  

Design of Lake Water Quality Monitoring Network (15 min)

Young Jin Jung, Bu-Young Ahn, Du-Seok Jin, Kyu Jin Kim, Jongbae Moon, Dukyun Nam, Jae Hyoung Lim, Jung-Lok Yu, JongSuk Ruth Lee, and Kumwon Cho  

Status of Entity Identification Technologies in Bio-Text Mining System (15 min)

Tsendsuren Munkhdalai, Meijing Li, Kwang Su Jung, Oyun-Erdene Namsrai

12:00 ~ 13:30Lunch

Location: Eunhasu Restaurant

13:30 ~ 14:30Invited Paper Session 2

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Kwang Woo Nam (Kunsan National University)  

Privacy Tag for Preserving Individuals Privacy in Geographical Context on Disease Maps  
(30 min)

  Anour F.A.Dafa-Alla, Ibrahim Musa Ishag, Khalid E.K. Saeed  

A Framework for Detecting Health Condition of a Mobile Subject (30 min)

  Thi Hong Nhan Vu

14:30 ~ 15:00Coffee Break
15:00 ~ 15:30FITAT/DBMI 2011 Awards and Closing

Location: Room 105

Session Chair: Jong Yun Lee (Chungbuk National University)

Friday, May 13, 2011

FITAT Interactive Presentation: 09:30 ~ 10:30

09:30 ~ 10:30Interactive Session 1

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

Session Chair: Ho Sun Shon (Chungbuk National University)  

P1-01: Analyzing Representative Generating Patterns of the New and Renewable Energy Dataset Based on SOM Algorithm, Kyu Ik Kim, Chang-Yeol Yun, Seok Keun Choi  

P1-02: A Study of Master-Slave Topology based - Time Synchronization, Keongja Jeong, Moonsun Shin  

P1-03: Managing Geosensor Data using User Defined Functions on ORDBMS,  
Pyoung Woo Yang, Yong Hee Jung, Chung Won Song, Kwang Woo Nam, Yon Sik Lee 

P1-04: Landslide Susceptibility Analysis Using a Neural Network, Young Kwang Yeon,  
Keun Ho Ryu 

P1-05: Stream Data Aggregation from Vehicular Sensor Networks for Driving Safety,  
Min-hwan Ok 

P1-06: Multimodal Biometrics recognition and Authentication based on data Fusion using Dempster-Shafer theory, Shin-Sook Yoon, Dong-HyokSeo  

P1-07: Computerized Platform with Biomedical Transducer Modules, Do-Kyoung Kim, 
In-Kwang Lee, Yang-Mi Kim, Eun-Young Shin, Eun-Jong Cha, Kyung-Ah Kim 

P1-08: A Study on Designing an Intelligent Robot Manipulator Based on Context Aware,Myung-Sic Kim, Tae-Ho Kim, Jin-Suk Kim, Nam-Soon Soon, Kenu-Ho Ryu  

P1-09: EFEMP1 as a Novel DNA Methylation Marker for Prostate Cancer: Array-based DNA Methylation and Expression Profiling, Yong-June Kim, Hyung-Yoon Yoon, Seon-Kyu Kim, Young-Won Kim, Won Tae Kim, Seok Joong Yun, Sang-Cheol Lee, Wun-Jae Kim  

P1-10: Role of decursin in TNF-a-stimulated migration, invasion and matrix metalloproteinase-9 induction in vascular smooth muscle cells, Sung-Suk Park and  
Sung-Kwon Moon 

P1-11: A Study on Cluster Analysis Process Model Based on Web-GIS, Jin Hyoung Park  

P1-12: Wireless monitoring system of Co2 emissions, Young-Jun Song, Chnag-Yong Yang,  
Dong-woo Kim, Nam Kim 

P1-13: The thermal image analysis of the VGA2USB system, Young-Jun Song, Dong-Woo Kim, Yong-won Seo, Jae-Hyeong Ahn  

P1-14: Design and Implementation of a Prediction System for Cardiovascular Diseases using PPG, Jemin Song, Gye-Hwan Jin, Sungbo Seo, Keun Ho Ryu  

P1-15: A web service-based pathway tool to retrieve pathways with the highlighted interesting genes, Kyung Mi Lee, Sun A Lee, Chan Hee Lee, Keon Myung Lee

Friday, May 13, 2011

FITAT Interactive Presentation: 11:00 ~ 12:00

11:00 ~ 12:00Interactive Session 2

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

Session Chair: Yang Koo Lee (Chungbuk National University)  

P2-01: Web page analyzing technique for theme information retrieval system,  
Gwang bum Pyun, Unil Yun, Hyeonil Shin, Heungmo Ryang, Keun Ho Ryu 

P2-02: Model of Reporting tool as a Service, Le Huu Nghi, Nguyen Hoang Ha,  
Hoang Do Thanh Tung 

P2-03: Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain: Implementation and comprehensive review,Oyun-Erdene Namsrai, Enerel Ganbold  

P2-04: Database driven Dynamic Web Design and Layout Builder: Implementation and Review,Javkhlan Tentsendorj, Dangaasuren Garmaa  

P2-05: Location-Based Information Disseminating System with Integration of Various Georeferenced Data, Thi Hong Nhan Vu, Yang Koo Lee, Thanh Ha Le, The Duy Bui  

P2-06: ODE: Ontology-assisted Data Extraction, Weifeng SU, JEONG Seon Phil, Jiying Wang, Fred Lochovsky  

P2-07: A Cluster Validity Index based on a Statistical Test, Kyung Mi Lee, Kyung Soon Hwang, Chan Hee Lee, Keon Myung Lee  

P2-08: Query Processing Algorithms for Spatiotemporal Sensor Data Stream,  
Kwang Hyeon Lim, Yang Koo Lee, Thi Hong Nhan Vu, Kyoung Ho Bae, Min Heo 

P2-09: Respiratory Monitoring Device for Cardiopulmonary Resus, In-Kwang Lee,  
Do-Kyoung Kim, Yang-Mi Kim, Eun-Young Shin, Eun-Jong Cha, Kyung-Ah Kim 

P2-10: TFP tree-based Incremental Emerging Patterns Mining for Prediction and Analysis of Electricity Data, Jong Bum Lee, Hyeongsoo Kim and Sang Yeob Kim  

P2-11: Accuracy evaluation of hazard model for prediction mountain biking accident,  
Suk Ho Jung, Dong Gyu Lee, 

P2-12: An Energy Adaptive Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network, Youngbok Cho, Sun Ning, Sangho Lee  

P2-13: A Novel Top-down Visual Attention Model and Its application to Target Detection,Byung Geun Choi, Kyung Joo Cheoi  

P2-14: A New Adaptive Temporal Saliency Map Model for Various Size of Motion Region,Byung Geun Choi, Kyung Joo Cheoi  

P2-15: GeoSocialDM : Framework for Mining Location-based Online Social Networks,Ibrahim Musa Ishag, Makki Akasha , Anour F.A.Dafa-Alla1, Khalid E.K. Saeed

Friday, May 13, 2011

DBMI Interactive Presentation: 13:30 ~ 14:30

13:30 ~ 14:30Interactive Session 3

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

Session Chair: Ho Sun Shon (Chungbuk National University)  

P3-01: New Challenges for Prediction of Protein Functions from Protein-Protein Interaction Network, Taewook Kim, Peipei Li, Kwang Su Jung  

P3-02: Comparison of Feature Selection Techniques for Efficient Mining of Arrhythmia,Erdenetuya Namsrai, Tsendsuren Munkhdalai, Oyun-Erdene Namsrai  

P3-03: Improved CP-tree structure for Incremental Mining, Lyong Heo  

P3-04: Pattern Analysis of Renewable Energy Power Generation for Power Service Plan,  
Mi Yeong Hwang, Sang Yeob Kim, Keun Hong Ryu, Kyoung Ho Bae 

P3-05: The development of the gCRM system for an efficient marketing mail service,  
Tae-ho Kim, Myung Sic Kim, Jin Suk Kim, Nam-Soon Soon, Keun Ho Ryu 

P3-06: An Area recognition using shape context and Bipartite Graph Matching, Seong-Ho Lee,  Hyeongsoo Kim, Hee Chang Lim  

P3-07: Discovery Medicine rule of STEMI and NSTEMI according to injurious artery from Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), Kwang Sun Ryu, Jang Whan Bae  

P3-08: A Statistical Method for R Wave Detection in Electrocardiogram Signals, Makki Akasha Babikier, Mohammed Izzeldin Ibrahim ,Musa Ishag, Dong Gyu Lee, Keun Ho Ryu  

P3-09: Mining Clinical Rules of Risk Factors and Mortality of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction, Soo Ho Park, Jang-Whan Bae  

P3-10: Comparison of Tree based Classifier for Breast Cancer Prediction, Yongjun Piao, Minghao Piao  

P3-11: Prognostic Factors for Short Term Survival Rate of Acute Myocardial Infarction,  
Ho Sun Shon, Mi Sug Gu, Jang-Whan Bae, In Sung Lee , Kyeong-Seop Kim, Keun Ho Ryu 

P3-12: Classification for Bladder Cancer Recurrence Using Clinical Data, Dong Mun Shin,  
Ho Sun Shon, Eun-Jong Cha, Kyung-Ah Kim, Keun Ho Ryu 

P3-13: Normalization of Artificial Intelligence IDS

     N. Ugtakhbayar, J. Tegshjargal, D. Battulga and Sh. Sodbileg  

P3-14: Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias using Machine learning techniques based on ECG Signal Matching, Makki Akasha Babikier, Mohammed Izzeldin Ibrahim ,Musa Ishag, Dong Gyu Lee, Keun Ho Ryu

If you want to download the detail program of FITAT/DBMI2011 in PDF format, click here to download the pdf file.