About Us

The First International Conference on the Frontiers of Information Technology, Application and Tools; (FITAT) is shaping up to be an annual conference to provide a platform for presentations and discussions of recent developments and future trends in Information Technology.

FITAT’08 is emerging as a leading forum in South Korea for IT professionals and researchers to discuss and present the latest research trends and results in the field of Information Technology (IT). FITAT 2008, first in its series, promises to be exciting event that will host leading IT researchers from across the globe and will provide opportunity to build international research collaborations.

The FITAT 2008 is composed of the two sessions, which are will discuss the challenges facing information technology professionals with core database technologies, bio-medical informatics, sensor network technology and current IT applications. ( All will be held simultaneously, same location and dates: August 14-15, 2008, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia )

The conference generally consists of technical presentations, panel discussions and posters.

FITAT 2008 will be held at the National University of Mongolia, on 15-15 August 2008