Chungbuk National University

A university that aims to become 'heart of korea, creative communiversity for dreams.'

Our most precious assets are our people. our newly admitted students, our existing students, faculty, employees, alumni, parents of students, local residents in our region and anyone else who visits our website are all part of our university community which aims to open its doors to everyone.

Since its establishment in september, 1951, chungbuk national university has produced more than 150,000 graduates who are actively contributing to the development of our society in various walks of life. the central location of our university is one of its big strengths. not only is chungbuk national university campus located close to the sejong government complex, osong biovalley, innopolis daedeok, and the ochang scientific industrial complex, it is also a short distance away from osong (cheongju) station on the ktx line and the cheongju international airport, allowing easy access. in recent years chungbuk national university has grown into a full-fledged global educational institution that promotes active exchange with other organizations abroad.

Aiming to become a hall of 'truth, justice and innovation,' chungbuk national university aspires to make itself 'heart of korea, creative communiversity for dreams.' to that end, we focus on fostering 'creative talent' that can draw on multiple disciplines to meet the challenges of our times. our faculty, students, the university as a whole, and the local community are integral stakeholders that form a larger community and a 'creative learning network' that incorporates our alumni as well. we are well on our way to forming a "creative research cluster" through cooperation with and support from the national government, local government, businesses and the local community.

Chungbuk national university has set its goal to become one of the top 100 universities in asia and one of the top 10 universities in korea. it is a genuine forum and venue for learning. we ask for your continued support as we forge ahead with our initiatives in becoming 'heart of korea, creative communiversity for dreams.'

The benefits of a creative community

  • Demand for innovation that befits the era of creative economy and convergence and that goes beyond the traditional concept of a university
  • Seeking cooperative measures with the national government, local government, local businesses and the local community
  • Realizing the values of co- development based on open communication, cooperation and co- growth
  • Playing the role of a center for fostering creative talent

Three factors that make a creative community

Fostering of Creative talent

  • Fostering of talent that can touch upon multiple disciplines for problem- solving
  • Realization of a creative educational community

Creative Learning Network

  • National government, local government, local community, faculty and students
  • A learning community of alumni

Cluster of Creative Research

  • Policies, administration, research centers
  • Development of creative technology and promotion of regional growth through collaboration with industries


  • Overall ranking: Within top 100 universities in Asia, within top 10 universities in Korea
  • Faculty and research: Within top 10 universities in Korea, 1st in terms of increase rate of papers published in grade SCI/SSCI
  • Employee welfare: Among the leading group of national universities
  • Employment rate of graduates: 1st in the category of “hub” national universities
  • Globalization: Within top 30 in Korea and The 1st among all national universities in terms of increase rate
  • Financial capability: Among the leading group of national universities (Proactive luring of projects from national and local governments)
  • Development fund (including donation facilities): 50 Billion Won

Top 10 initiatives (with a total of 268 projects)

  1. Fostering of well-rounded individuals
  2. Proactive and strategic globalization
  3. Reinforced innovation and research
  4. Realization of a sound welfare community
  5. Supply of a stable and sound financial structure
  6. Advanced administrative services
  7. Realization of a hub university in the new metropolitan area
  8. Enhancement of the university’s vision and brand image
  9. Establishment of a development strategy for the university campus
  10. Identification of Collegial tasks