Departure place - Jilin Station (transfer station):


1. You can take the train or high-speed train from your departure place to Jilin Station.

2. From the departure place, take the plane to Longjia Airport. The south side of the airport is Longjia Station. You can take the high-speed train or train from Longjia Station to Jilin Station.

Foreign countries: Foreign friends can fly to Longjia Airport by plane, and take the high-speed train or train to Longji Station to arrive at Jilin Station.

Jilin Station - Northeast Electric Power University:

Mode 1: Bus: You can choose to take the 8th road in the West Square of Jilin Station. The journey time is about 33 minutes, and 13 stations are required. The bus fare is 1 yuan per person.

Mode 2: Rental: Take a taxi at the underground parking lot of Jilin Station. The journey time is about 20 minutes and the ride cost is about 20 yuan.