Special Sessions

Invited Sessions

We are pleased to invite special sessions organized by two or more researchers. Please use the template below, and send your proposal to iihmsp-fitat2020@tdtu.edu.vn and fitat.official@gmail.com.

List of invited sessions

  1. Technologies for Next Generation Network Environments (Link: http://fitat.org/assets/fitat13/files/Invited-Session-1.pdf)

    Oranized by: Prof. Tsu Yang Wu

  2. Intelligent for Manufacturing (Link: http://fitat.org/assets/fitat13/files/Invited-Session-2.pdf)

    Oranized by: Prof. Kuo-Chi Chang, Prof. Yuh-Chung Lin, and Prof. Kai-Chun Chu

  3. Pattern Recognition and Computational Intelligence (Link: http://fitat.org/assets/fitat13/files/Invited-Session-3.pdf)

    Oranized by: Prof. Q.T.Ngo, Assoc.Prof. H.Q.Nguyen, and Dr. T.G.Ngo

  4. Wireless Networks and Its Application (Link: http://fitat.org/assets/fitat13/files/Invited-Session-4.pdf)

    Oranized by: Prof. Jianpo Li, and Prof. Ling Wang